Payroll and human resources

We can take over your obligations relating to payroll, both with employees under employment contracts and under other civil law contracts.

We can keep HR documentation and adequately provide for maintenance of the full safety of information confidentiality.

In addition, we can take over entire processes of laborious and time-consuming settlements relating to term contracts, starting with the drafting of such contracts and ending with the making of payments thereunder.


  • Calculation of salaries and preparation of payroll;
  • Preparation of social security returns;
  • Calculation of PIT withholdings;
  • Representing the Customer before the Social Security Administration and tax authorities;
  • Preparation of annual returns for employees on PIT-11 and PIT-4R forms.

Human resources

  • Keeping of employee documentation for the Customer;
  • Drafting of employment contracts, civil law contracts and documents relating to the termination of employment.